When people think of makeup artists they automatically picture those sunshine smiles of the youtuber tutorials. They think of women and men obsessed with trying to look perfect. That is not me. Beauty is not about being perfect. It's about enriching how people think of themselves. Beauty starts from the inside out. In saying that though it always helps to give some confidence, and that is where I come in. Smoothing someone’s complexion, making a pimple disappear; those are my magic tricks to help people realize the beauty that they've had with them all along. So let me tell you a little bit about my story. When I was two years old I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. I was made fun of relentlessly because of my fluctuating weight and needless to say I had zero self esteem going in to junior high. That was when things started to change. I was finally able to wear makeup. Suddenly, I was getting compliments but I don't credit that to the makeup. I credit it to myself for giving me confidence about my looks. With a brand new outlook on my life I learned I had a knack for Beauty and so began to practice on my friends. Getting them to see themselves as I saw them made my day brighter. Everyone is so beautiful in their own way and they constantly compare themselves to celebrities or others with a whole set of insecurities they are unaware of. And I wanted to change that.

Showing my friends their own individual beauty continued throughout school. But after high school, my health went in to a downward spiral. I was diagnosed with SVT which is a heart condition, and Fibromyalgia. Learning about what my life would be like I was quick to fall into depression. Pain can quickly extinguish motivation and confidence. This story though, like a lot before it, has a comeback. A popular zombie TV series soon took the world by storm, and all though the episodes were fun, the behind the scenes captured my attention. As my interest peaked I figured out that Beauty is one thing, but Special FX is a whole other spectrum that opened my eyes to even more creativity. The more I experimented the more complete I felt. I found myself in the art of transforming others and bringing characters to life. So in March of 2015 i started Makeup school at April Love Pro Makeup Academy. In that school I enjoyed their Beauty but still was eager to learn more. So in July of 2015 I started my journey in the Master Program at Cinema Makeup School. I am eager to share my knowledge and love for makeup with you. Let's transform our worlds together.